Things That Make A Good Architectural Design

Aspiring architects also dream of designing a structure that will serve as their masterpiece. This is why they master all the technical details and learn the fundamentals.

But more than the technicalities, there are other things to consider if you want to make an excellent design that would serve as your calling card, and here are some of those:

  • Sustainability


Back in the days, most architects were just design and making structures to meet the present needs, not taking into account the environmental effects of the structure. But with the alarming news about climate change, industries must be able to help lessen its footprint in the environment, and that includes the construction, engineering, and architectural firms.


Most architectural consultants in Dubai take into account these matters. Most of the designs they are providing to clients are eco-friend and sustainable. Although most probably, this kind of design is a little bit more complicated than the usual structure designs that they provide, making the structure sustainable would benefit both parties – the environment and the client.


  • Accessibility and Function


A good architectural design does not only look good but it also caters to everyone, especially in the aspect of access and function. An architect must be able to marry the two concepts to serve all stakeholders. This might be one of the most difficult part of the job as the architect may need to take into consideration a number of factors to fulfill the requirements of the design and the function.


What an architect must always bear in mind is that the building should serves its purpose aesthetically and functionally.


  • Ergonomics


Another concept that most architects are including on their design is the ergonomics. In the language of furniture, ergonomics would refer to the level of comfort it can provide the user to promote its well-being. In architecture, ergonomics refers to the level of space efficiency that can caters to the needs of every human being that will inhabit the building. This concept is often lost due to answering other architectural concerns. But the key here is to put a person on each part of the design and check if your design is catering and addressing their environmental needs.


  • Longevity


Enduring structures stand the test of time, probably because they are designed to be that way. Architects should have that kind of mindset when they are designing a building or structure. They should be able to provide a design that is not outdated but can also be a timeless piece.


  • Burn into memory


Using the ancient structure as an example, people remember how these things look. Why? Because the design is imprinted to their memory. It might be hard to replicate such feat but architects nowadays should be able to provide designs that are memorable and have the emotional resonant that can burn into everyone’s memory.

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