DIY Home or Office Cleaning

Most of the people love to clean their homes and some even hire helpers to work for better cleaning. Though several cleaning companies are available in every area, some people cannot afford them or don’t hire them due to safety. Window cleaning Dubai service is also very popular especially for multistory office buildings because they are tough to handle. Dubai is a place full of shopping plazas, huge office blocks, multistory buildings, and villas so several cleaning companies work there. If you want to clean your property on your own, consider some important factors before proceeding.

Make a List

First of all, make a list of all cleaning tools and equipment. Normally, we all have some basic cleaning tools at home like mops, dusters, and vacuum cleaners, etc. If you want to clean the windows, better buy good glass cleaning lotions. Try to use the chemical-free cleaning products. Choose a soft stuff for windows and glass furniture; however, you can use a strong material for cleaning metal grills or railings, etc. Soft brushes are also available for dusting off the doors, windows, and furniture. Keep the dustbins intact so you can put the clutter after cleaning.

Start With Clutter

A mere dusting or moping becomes useless if there is still clutter all around. Better clear the clutter before cleaning or washing. Divide the clutter according to space and decide where it should go. Like, some clutter can go in junk that you can sell or can give away. Some clutter is just garbage that you can throw in the dustbin. Hire a garbage service if you have heavy clutter to manage.

Dust Off Doors and Windows

Once you get free from clutter, clean all the doors and windows using the available tools. Doors don’t need much effort compared to windows. Use the cleaning chemicals for windows or for glass furniture. You require same cleaning techniques for both home and office windows. But, those who live in Dubai can also choose the office cleaning services in Dubai to make them free from stress and have more time.

Floor cleaning

It is very easy to clean the floors provided you apply the right tools. Use a vacuum for carpets but if they have stains better use some home tips to remove them. If your carpets are old and full of stains, better hire a carpet cleaning company. It becomes easier to clean the tiles, and you can also wash the floor once a month.

Clean Wet Areas

You can choose to clean the wet areas in the beginning or at the end. Wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms need more attention than dry areas. Lots of cleaning products are available for kitchen sinks, washbasins, bath seats, and for floors but always use the harmless products.