3 tips for Supermoms-to-be to look dazzling in their Pregnancy Photo Shoots

Expecting a new baby is an amazing time in every woman’s life and what better way to rejoice in the miracle and capture the excitement and joy of the moment than with a pregnancy photo shoot of the radiant mommy-to-be. To help expecting mommies prepare for their maternity shoot sessions, here are a few tips to ensure ethereal looking portraits:

  • Clothing Makes All the Difference

Stretching clothes and garments can leave unattractive creases and marks on your beautiful bump.  At least two hours prior to your session, be sure to take off any elastic bands and tight clothes from your body, including maternity pants, snug undergarments, and socks. Lose garb and robes will help to keep your skin looking smooth and flawless, especially if you are planning to flaunt your bump.

  • Posing Right Creates Great Looking Photographs

Right poses are the key to ensuring dazzling pregnancy portraits. Most family photographer in Dubai would tell you exactly how to pose to flatter your body shape, but if you have any particular poses in mind, discuss with your photographer prior to the session, so that they can prepare the studio lights and backgrounds accordingly. Also discuss your condition with your photographer, pertaining to what poses are off limits and which you can pull off with ease. Are you looking for low key (black and moody background) or high key (white and bright background) images? Are you OK with nudes? Do you have any conservative or intimate poses in mind? Do you want an artistic shoot or one inclined towards lifestyle? Do you feel a discomfort while lying down in a particular position? Your photographer should know your personal preferences and needs so they can realize your aspirations.

  • Different Looks Are Interesting

To keep your photo shoot from getting mundane, introduce lots of new outfits and looks to your session. Pregnancy photo shoots last for at least an hour, so why would you want to appear in the same ensemble in all your portraits? Switching between outfits during the shoot gives you a chance to try different styles and catch your breath along the way. Your best bet is to leverage fabrics that frame your body shape, as they allow your bump to shine through. However, since you don’t want to be wasting your time unzipping intricate dresses, try to stick to stretchy fabrics and clothes. To glean a more artistic look, keep a lot of accessories with you, like different wraps, scarves, and fabrics.