4 Common Facts About Courier Companies That Many People Do Not Know

Courier services are mainly known as a provider that do deliveries and shipping items from one point to another. It may sound simple and uncomplicated, but in reality, it is not as easy as that.  In fact, a lot of people are not familiar with how it work. Read on to know more:


  • There are different means of transporting goods


Some people think that courier services have three means of shipping and delivery – the sea, freight, air freight, and truck delivery. But the fact is, courier companies use all sorts of channels to delivery and ship items.  In fact, Dubai air cargo companies today utilize different kinds of transportation channels to fulfill their delivery order. They are now using various mean like motorcycle, trains, buses, etc.


In fact, some courier services are thinking of using crowd sourcing as part of their services. But this is still on testing phase and they are still creating a process that would ensure delivery of goods through these means.


  • There are some parcels that are not fit for standard service.


Another misconception that a lot of people think about courier services is that everything is suitable to their standard courier service. But the truth is, each package is categorized based on a lot of factors. Courier services in Dubai categorize their clients’ packages depending on their size, dimension, and made. For instance, there is a category for valuables, perishables, and fragile items and these packages and items merit a different rate since the handling would be way different than the standard package.


Customers need to know these things so they, too, can categorize the items they need to ship and not get surprised with the rates.


  • Not all goods can be accommodated


This is a very common issue in courier companies, and a lot of them are still doing some information drive to inform customers what items are not allowed for shipping. The reason why some shipping companies do not accommodate these items is because they do not want to compromise other items on their freight.


Some of the most common items that are banned and forbidden from shipping are infectious, hazardous and poisonous items. It would be best to check with your courier company and know what these forbidden items are.


  • Packing assistance is not included in the service


Okay, there are some customers who think that they can just go to their courier company and have their packages packed and shipped. But the thing is, it is not included with their services. The customers are the ones responsible for packing their items. The courier company can provide you with the boxes but you have to do your own packing.