5 Ways To Prepare Your Kid For A Psychiatric Appointment

For some adults, seeing a psychiatrist can be beneficial for their mental health. But before these patients reap the benefits, they need to overcome the fear of seeing one first. This can be as twice as difficult for kids who do not understand the concept of psychiatrist.

If you are worried that you kid might not be up for his first appointment with a mental health professional, these tips provided by the best psychiatrist in Dubai might be of help:

  • Do not force or lie to them


Some parents think that forcing their kids to attend their psychiatric appointment would be the ideal solution to this dilemma. But in reality, it can make things worse. Forcing a kid to do something that he does not understand would make him feel like he is being pushed into something that is dangerous and will not like. This would make your kid more defensive and uncooperative. Same goes with lying to them. They would feel betrayed by the people they trust. Give them time to absorb and process the information so they can be ready for it by themselves. Do not use force or manipulation to get them to therapy.


  • Explain in a simple manner what a therapy is for


Since kids have not understood yet the concept of therapy, you need to brief them before the appointment. Tell them in a simple manner what a therapy is and what it can do to them. You can also give them a little overview of what usually takes place on this kind of appointment. This would ease them a little in the process, knowing what will happen inside the office of the best psychologist in Dubai. For kids that are way too young to understand what a psychologist do, you might need to use some analogy to convince them to come with you to the psychologist’s office. Do not make it sound like it is something scary. This might fuel your kid’s fear more.

  • Be there for them


Expect that there will still be hesitations on your kid’s part when you take them to the psychiatrist. For them, this person is still a stranger to them and should not be trusted. To ease your kid’s fear, let them know that you will be waiting for them after the appointment. Knowing that you are there in the same place would ease their mind and will be a little more cooperative to their psychiatrists. You can do this until such time that your kid is comfortable with his appointments.