Simple Tips That Can Help Managers Manage Their Team’s Attendance

Do you find yourself short of people when you need to delegate task? Are other employees feeling demotivated due to work overload? If you answer yes to both questions, then you are having a serious absenteeism problem in your workplace.

Absenteeism is a common but often unresolved problem that a lot of companies have to deal with. This kind of transgression might sound simple, but it can immensely affect the performance of the team and the whole company.

If you are having nonattendance issues on your team, these tips might help:

  • Get to the root of the problem

Before you proceed with sending out memos to erring employees, it would be best to tackle what cause this absences. There are a lot of reasons why employees are not going to work. You can base it on the reasons they specified to Human Resources. But be sure to look beyond the reasons. There are some employees that might not be telling the truth. So try to read the between the lines and decipher what the real reason is. From there, you can formulate a plan on reducing absenteeism.


  • Motivate team members to go to work

One of the things that make employees avoid work and take a leave of absence instead is because they feel demotivated. Make them go to work not because of work per se. Take a look at your employee engagement scheme. You might be lacking on that department. Be sure to have your human resources device some exciting schemes to pique your employees’ interest and encourage them to go to work.


  • Encourage healthy lifestyle

Sickness can take a toll on one’s performance and attendance. If sickness is the main reason for nonattendance, then devise a plan to impart wellness to your employees. There are a lot of way to encourage employees to shift to a healthy lifestyle. On top of mind, you can allot some time for exercise inside the workplace or providing a healthy lunch for your team.


  • Reward those who follows the policy

This is a common practice amongst companies and you can implement the same on yours. To make yours a little different, make the reward something special and bigger. A free trip or vacation would be a nice incentive to those who are following the rules. Check


  • Monitor your team’s attendance

Lax in monitoring can make some employees abuse this scenario. Be sure to get a copy of your team’s attendance record in the human resource department. But most importantly, your HR should have get the best attendance system in Dubai connected to your payroll to thoroughly monitor the attendance of your employees and provide record to management if necessary.


  • Improve your attendance tracking

Another reason for employee tardiness and nonattendance would be the lack of upgrade on your attendance system. Some cunning employees can find ways to override old system. Check with the best facial recognition software companies to upgrade your attendance system.