Why Should Hospitals Be Touched Up With Art?

One of the most expressive ways of breathing life in to any sedentary place is to incorporate fine arts photography in its décor and revamp it with an aesthetic flair. Investing in artwork that graces your walls is as indispensable as the architectural blueprints that created them. The right kind of photography, that imbues your space with a soothing and healing energy, can provide relief to even the drabbest of environments, such as your work place or hospital rooms. The inspiring aura surrounding these photos can beautifully render a human face to dreary hospital rooms.

Many would wonder about the prudence of refurbishing these corporate affairs with the ingenious charms of fine arts photography. After all, who has ever seen a medical office flaunting works of Picasso? Wouldn’t it be slightly at odds with the austere ambience? Perhaps, we need to change our perspective to embrace innovation and novelty. Fine arts photography is not simply aesthetics or accoutrement anymore, but a means to an end!

Hospitals Touched With Warmth

Most of us are familiar with the dread of staring at white sterile walls while waiting for the news, idly lying in the hospital beds plugged in to IVs and whirring machines, or simply waiting for the doctor in a dark, dreary, chlorine-drenched room. Sick or not, wouldn’t you rather opt for a Monet water color or a sunny view to take away some of the feeling of trepidation and invoke memories of a happier time?

Private hospitals in Dubai are turning to fine art photography as part of a broader picture to fashion a healing environment, since it has come to pass that visual art can alleviate stress for patients and enhance satisfaction with care. They are seriously considering investing big money behind it, renovating what were once sterile, dreary spaces into contemporary art destinations and mini-museums.

A study conducted at the University of London discovered that blood flow boosts up almost 10 % to the “joy response” part of the brain when patients saw a mesmerizing painting, just like looking at a loved one. Feuerstein has said that visual art has a positive, strong physiological effect on the brain, and the study has given credence to his ranting. The sense of vitality, warmth, optimism, and energy infused by fine art photography is just what is needed to promote health and wellbeing in patients and attendants. See more benefits of revamping the look and feel of your hospital.