Tips On Preparing Your Home For Property Visits

When a prospective buyer called you to set up a house visit, this would mean that they are partly interested on the property you are selling. But you don’t just leave it to that point. In fact, this is an opportunity for you to impress these potential buyers so you can get a good price for your property and finally close the deal/

Whether you are offering your studio for rent in Business Bay or a big mansion in Tropez, you still need to make some sort of preparation for the upcoming visit. Here are some prep things that you need to do:


  • Clean the property

A house visit can make or break the deal, so be sure to make a positive impression with the potential buyer. You can start by making the property presentable and appealing to them. Three days before the scheduled visit, do some general cleaning on the property. Be sure to clean all the rooms and fix damages that can put off your potential buyer’s interest. Remember that the purpose of the visit is to check the property and confirm whether the information they read about it is true.

Do not waste this opportunity by not preparing the one thing that you are going to sell. Get a cleaning company to do the job if the property is too big for you to finish in three days.


  • As your property manager about the prospective buyer

One thing that property owners can do to impress the buyers is to get to know them a little. This would enable you to know what they like about the property and thus highlight it during their visit. Simply call your real estate agent or property specialist. He may have some information that you can use to your advantage. You can also prepare some refreshments


  • Keep your pets in their cages during the visit

Rowdy pets can be a big distraction during the visit, plus there is a high chance they will spread dirt the already cleaned space. Put your pets in their respective cages during a house visit. Be sure they have water and food so they will not growl and distract the buyers who are checking the property.


  • Let your property manager do the talking

During the visit, the buyers would probably ask some questions about the property. To be on the safe side, let your property manager take point from there. He can better discuss the specs of the property. These professionals can highlight the assets of the apartments for sale in Business Bay Dubai and impress the buyers.